About Me

50th BirthdayOh aren’t you fearless, challenging my spelling without knowing me very well!

(Well, you just learned one thing: I’m sometimes snarky.)

I love the words “chamois” and “rendezvous”.

(You just learned a second: I was the spelling champ in 6th and 8th grade, and I have the yellow newsletter clipping to prove it. The only two words I remember spelling correctly after months of repetitious practice were … well, shammy and rondayvoo.)

I just bragged about being a champion 40 years ago, and haven’t yet mentioned any recent victories.

(There’s a third: I have learned a little humility over the years. That has something to do with getting fired, divorcing someone, drinking a little bit too much, struggling with infertility, being hospitalized with pulmonary embolisms, abandoning my dream of having a baby, tackling the everlasting adoption process, losing my dad to Parkinson’s disease, losing my brother to alcoholism, learning my 18-month-old daughter had autism, and losing strength and energy to aging. And that’s just to start.)

I named this blog Humblee.

(See the first three things you learned about me.)